A very special version of the Cupcake Dolls Wallet.
This wallet was made in a very limited run of 200 pieces
and will never be made again.

This wallet is from my personal collection.
It is the Pre-Production sample. Sent to me for approval before the wallets were made.
I have signed it on the back.

It is a classic cartoon inspired design in soft candy colors with whimsical cupcakes sporting long, luscious lashes, and cute pinup dolls lounging amidst the cupcakes in a magical, sugar sparkly world! 

It also includes:
- A Signed 8x10 Print of Vanilla Cupcake Doll
- AND an  ORIGINALl Hand Painted Sketch of the enchanted cupcakes!
5x7  on archival, thick paper.

PLEASE NOTE: Because it is a Pre-Production sample so it does not have a zipper pull charm on the inside. Just a little metal ring.

It would make a nice gift for someone who collects Fluff!

Thanks for stopping by!