Pre-production Cameo Dolls BAG- SIGNED! and More!


A very special Cameo Dolls purse.
This bag is from my personal collection.
It is the pre-production sample that was sent to me to approve
before the limited run was made. These purses will never be made again.

Please Note: Because it is a pre-production sample it does not have zipper pulls.
But one can easily add cute charms or ribbon from any craft store.
It may also have a few small creases from when it was shipped from overseas.
But they are barely visible. (I have to look very very close to see them.)

I have hand signed it on the back.
included is an Original Hand Painted Cameo Doll Drawing!
The drawing is acrylic and glitter on 8x10 archival watercolor paper.

The bag features different dolls in cameos. I was inspired by vintage cameos, rockabilly, pinup girls, and of course Bettie Page!